2020 Vision

It’s a new year and decade, I still have the same dreams. To be honest, the last part of 2019 I questioned what I was doing with career because I couldn’t think of “what was next for me” or “how do I develop more when I am stretched so thin mentally, physically, & financially”. I came up with “being happy with what you have”.

Looking towards the future, I wrote 20 goals for 2020. Go big or Go home, right? Let me tell ya– I am being extremely ambitious with these goals but I wanted to push myself to see if I could think of 20. Here they are in no real order:

#1 Read a book every month AND take notes.

I have had this goal for some time but I never really take notes. This year I am going to challenge myself to keep notes to refer back to. 12 months, 12 books.

#2 Complete 1 CEU from my Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Magazines each month.

As a Registered Dietitian, we get a magazine with research articles and I hate to admit but I’ve probably “read” half of them from last year. When I say “read” I mean, look through the magazine, fold over the pages and never pick it up again. What a waste.

#3 Start a Podcast.

Athletes + Nutrition, duh.

#4 Eat More…. Vegetables.

What a Registered Dietitian has to make that a goal?! Yes, I am human! The recommendation is 5 fruits & vegetables per day. I want to make this a continuous habit. Practice what you preach.

#5 Start Investing.

Dolla Dolla bills. I just actually need to do this one. I’ve researched and researched, it’s time to commit.

#6 Pay off my Jeep Jeep.

Aye, ballin’ on a budget. A really small budget to get this paid off in 5ish years. Then I’ll officially be debt FREE.

#7 Learn more on photo shop.

Don’t @ me Shirley. I’d like to create my own graphics to help athletes reach their goals by simple reliable education.

#8 Wake Up Earlier to Journal.

Do you journal? What is your favorite? I am starting with Michelle Obama’s Becoming Journal.

#9 More Yoga, twice a week.

#10 Start a private practice

#11 Take a business coaching class

I’d like to take Rachel Hollis’ business coaching class.

#12 Teach Nutrition Work Shops

#13 Write more Nutrition articles

#14 Learn to cook a variety of foods

Again, I am a Registered Dietitian NOT a chef.

#15 Teach a Sports Nutrition Class

#16 Volunteer twice a month at the Mission

#17 Learn more areas in my profession

I am a nutrition expert–that doesn’t mean I know it all. Learning never stops. A few more topics I’d like to learn: eating disorders, hormones and their reactions to low energy intake, nutrition and its relationship with blood work, etc

#18 Be mindful and patient with myself.

I am fully aware some of these goals won’t be completed in 2020 but doesn’t mean I can’t start actively pursuing them. What are you pursuing?

#19 Send birthday cards & gifts BEFORE the date.

I am the worst at this. If it gets into my car, that’s progress. The real challenge is getting it from my car to the post office. Face palm.

#20 Practice Duolingo daily, Spanish.

My record is 112 days. Lets see if I can get to 365 days. Fingers Crossed.

Here’s to 2020 Vision, lets make the most of the time we have!

ROAM in 2020.

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