Friends of Los Niños

Every year I like to travel somewhere new: 2019 was Honduras.

I went with a group from my home town:

We all signed up because of the children. We were able to visit a village and an orphanage.

The Village is a place where the families live, very low income; however, they are proud to have a place to call home. The children run the village. They take you everywhere and play at all hours of the day. We visited the village in the mornings. We were able to see their school, play, and explore to their favorite summer spot. We walked around the village, we saw houses, we passed out candy, and first aid supplies.

If you sponsor a child at the village, you help the family and/or the child. If the child is under a certain age, you help the family with supplies. As the child grows older, the donation aids the child to go to school. Getting to see a child and sponsor meet or reunite again is always special. Again, the feeling of reward you get when you get to physically see the benefits of the sponsorship compares to nothing.

The point of going to the village: love the children, help the families.

The Orphanage is named Copprome. It is a place that raises children to be the best they can be given their situation. A woman founded the orphanage to help give back to the kids. It is a place not only do they learn responsibilities but also go to school to earn an education. We had so much fun playing games with the kids that I didn’t take as many pictures. We played volleyball EVERY. DAY. We, I, attempted to play soccer several times–had to get my street cred up. We taught some of them how to play basketball and then occasionally made up games to play.

While we were there, Copprome had its 30th anniversary Gala. The kids performed different dances and singing’s for the group. It was so much fun seeing them all dressed up in beautiful gowns and button up shirts.

Going to experience new places is always fun, it pushes me outside my comfort zone. Allows me to get to know strangers and even those I have known for years, a little bit better on a more deeper level.

I am a homebody but there is nothing that sparks my soul more than going to experience a new place, attempt to learn a new language, and to see new cultures. Oh & don’t forget the beach.

The universal language is a smile and love. ROAM freely.

Visit Friendsoflosninos.org for more information.

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