Travel: to take a journey.

Most of the population only dreams about traveling. Why is that? You see signs that say “Just Go” or “Buy the ticket”. So many of us are scared to get out of our comfort zone, to see, learn, or travel somewhere new.

The comfort zone-it’s comfy there. People cling to the place, people, or even routines that make them feel as if they have control. It’s a nice feeling, control. No one likes change either; yet, time changes every day, week, month, and year. Why waste time in your comfort zone, when you can meet new people, discover new places, or try new things? You might discover yourself again, create a new comfort zone with expanded views on life.
I only say this because I am a textbook definition of a day-dreamer. I have only recently left the country for my first new experience. WOW, did it change my way of thinking about life.

Brasil is beautiful. Brasil is simple. Brasil is where my new friends call home. I had the chance to take a mission trip to this country this year with some great people. It was everything I dreamed of and more. Helping people was the mission, but of course, the people of Brasil helped me as well. When I get caught up in my fast paced life, I always remind myself there is more out there. More than a job. More life to live, more sights to see, and more people to meet.

This trip was to help churches introduce the children to American sports; however, they introduced the church to us. It was a reminder of how much “MORE” there was in life, you just have to look in the right place or in the right face. The face of children.

As I watched over my two weeks visiting, I saw so many faces light up to see us walk in their school. I saw so many new faces. So many beautiful faces. Over the course of time spent there, we were able to learn more about their communities and schools. I couldn’t love a place more but of course, I have only explored outside my comfort zone a few times. There are so many more opportunities for traveling, sight-seeing, learning, and of course, more opportunities to ROAM.

This blog post is the reflection of my own, and I am hoping to shed an ounce of light on how important it is for others to help the children of the world feel a part of their community through education, love, and support.

ROAM freely.

*Brasil is the Portuguese spelling for the South American country.

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