ROAM is a blog that will allow individuals to become a community focused around nutrition and travel. ROAM stands for Reaching Out and Assisting Meals. 

The idea was day-dreamed about for some time by a Registered Dietitian, me, that loves to express herself through nutrition, travel, and style. ROAM will allow for individuals to express themselves and give back nutritionally. ROAM aims to help give back to communities and donate food supplies to local food banks, soup kitchens, community gardens, and any emergency state a community may have!

In the future, I would like to transform into an online blog to provide a customer-based donation option to help provide those in need of nutritional resources. Still brain storming on how– I once thought it would be through clothes buuuuut I am not sure if I want to start there. The thoughts keep swirling around in my brain.

Due to ROAM being semi-new, I am going to start blogging to reintroduce my day-dreams to the world. To grow through a year of explaining nutrition, traveling to new places and meeting new people, and learning  can provide a level of confidence needed for individuals to be more passionate about their work!

I’d like to commit myself to volunteering to get to know the community around myself as well as continue to explore and see the beauty of the world around me. I’d love to create a path for myself to make an impact on someone’s life by aiding in nutrition and motivating him or her to pursue their dreams.

Now I realize everyone can claim the “life passes you by before you know it” excuse and how easy it is to settle into a routine that puts the easy tasks first which is what I did, and like majority of the population, I’d like to see where my thoughts and blogs take me to pursue different day-dreams.

Everyone gets caught up in this fast-pace life that before you know it, a year has gone by and you barely even blogged like you promised yourself or at least that is what happened to me, TWICE. I think about this blog everyday but the act of actually writing for it gets trumped by the fast pace lifestyle.

Photo by Kevin Menajang on

ROAM is an ever evolving blog that challenges me to grow out of my comfort zone and do more, see more and be more in this world of ours. I’d like to challenge myself to write a blog post each month and relate each topic back to ROAM. In the meantime, I’d love to communicate with everyone on their pursuits, what drives them, and what creative passion they may have set aside to come back to later and never have.

I’d like to challenge anyone and everyone to pursue the dream they have always thought about or started yet haven’t completed. The best time is to start now (and again)!

Thank you for your support in advance. Please ROAM-free around my blog as often as possible!

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