ROAMing around the OR.

Roaming around the world is a desire I have– but first, I thought I’d roam around the places nearest me: Oregon. Never did I ever believe I’d move out of Texas, us Texans love that place entirely too much it’s crazy; however, adulting got in the way, I accepted a job in Oregon, and completely love seeing the scenery every day!

Oregon is beautiful, plain and simple. The coastline is within an hour drive and the mountains are in my backyard. In this post, I am going to guide you around the places I’ve gotten to explore within my one year here in Oregon–well some of them. Part 2 coming soon!

Clear Lake: literally is a clear lake. When I was kayaking around I could see the bottom in the shallow places and see the tree limbs in deeper places. It’s exactly where you’d want to fish except it’s pretty cold waters!

 There is a trail you can hike, it’s about 5 miles, and it completely goes around the lake. As you can tell from above, you can rent kayaks, dive, and rent boats to fish!

The best part about exploring Oregon is there is limited cell phone service. Take all the pictures and selfies you want but be disconnected from the world–like the good ol’ days.

Next up: Blue Pool. YES, you guessed it, it’s a blue water hole that is BLUUUTIFUL. It’s about a 2 mile hike to the pool area, and once you get there you can hike down to the water to only freeze when you touch it!

I’ve done this one a couple times, and it is worth it every time! It may not look like much but the hike in is another adventure in itself. The pool runs water through the Mckenzie River so along the way, you get to experience the flowing river and the greenery among the trail.

How is it blue, you ask? I googled it: google told me the pool is filled with an underground stream that has lava rock. The water runs through the lava rock for some odd years and BOOM turns blue. Not exactly scientific but it was enough for me!

Next stop: Sahalie and Koosah Falls. These two water falls are only a few miles from Blue pool. You can hike to the top of Sahalie falls and look over or see the front view from the trail. Best part about these falls is that they are walking distance from each other! The walk from Sahalie to Koosah is a quick stretch, yet majestic. As you will see, Oregon loves its blue waters.

Koosah Falls
Sahalie Falls

Last one, yet I still have more, Wildwood Falls. All of the places I have been are my new favorites for different reasons BUT this one is at the top of my list because you can JUMP IN it without freezing! It’s tucked away off a couple of back roads, and you never know who you will meet among the wild. Nonetheless, it was super fun jumping into the water. Gives you a little rush and then provides a great spot to chill while soaking up the sunshine!

Side note: while we were hanging out at this water fall, there was a little boy that was jumping from the waterfall for the first time ever. We cheered him on his first jump and then he decided to jump from the other side, his family went first leaving him behind, as I watched him for 10 minutes sitting there deciding if he should jump in the water or not. I decided to go encourage him–it took me all of 3 minutes to convince him he was confident to jump again. He just needed a little encouragement.

My friends asked how I got him to conquer the fear. I just told him “he already jumped from one side–what is there to be afraid of now?” and the “I’ll jump if you jump” motto. Everyone needs a little push out of their comfort zones, me included. I’ve had the best time roaming around Oregon. It’s the curiosity of the unknown that I love (and hate). Being able to experience new adventures is what I live for, whether it is in another country OR in my own backyard.

I challenge you to roam around your area and see what new adventures you find.

ROAM freely.

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