OR in the Winter

As promised, I would continue to ROAM around the beauty that surrounds me: Oregon. This places is as beautiful as people claim and I love spending my free time exploring some where new whether it’s by myself or with a group of friends. When the mountains call, you must go!

Bend, Oregon: Winter Wonderland

During winter break, I went to Bend, OR for the holidays. Holidays are normally spent with the family but with my job I don’t go home as often as I’d like so I spent it with my “new” family: coworkers. I have the MOST fun exploring Bend. We went to so many different places to eat and drink, shop, and best of all, the mountain! I went solo to the mountain this year and had the time of my life. Board sports are so much fun to me, and relearning how to board each year makes me laugh at myself. I get so pumped watching the little kids rip through the snow–I always tell myself: if they can do it, you can do it!

Last year, I got lost on the mountain and I was so scared. There’s something that always comes over you when you think you’re alone. Every negative thought I had was as if it was followed with a survival thought. When I got back to the lodge and saw all where I had went I died laughing like “wow, Nikki only you would have got lost on a mountain”.


I went from: Pine Marten Express to summit crossover, (it’s hard snowboarding on flat snow), to Sunrise express to West Village get back. It took me all day to figure out where I was and get back, and then I stayed on the bunny slope–where I belonged! Good Times–needless to say, I couldn’t wait to go back this year by MYSELF! 

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself.

Tumalo Falls

Walking to this waterfall was like walking in Winter Wonderland. Pure beauty. It was about a 2.5 mile walk in but worth it! You could hike to the top of the falls and look over, either way you looked it was something off a post card.

To walk through the forest and snow covered trees was quite a surreal experience and then it started getting dark. The temperature dropped and our 2.5 mile hike back was less tree gazing and more of “when does this road end, it’s FREEZING.”

This trip was about me trying new things such as: ice skating. Every one says, if you can roller skate, you can ice skate….. I would disagree until AFTER you get the hang of trying to balance on ICE. Once you get that part down and dodge the random children flying in every direction, you can actually glide along nicely.

Mental Note: when adventuring pack a lunch and a lot of snacks! Getting lost in the mountain would have went great with some trail mix, hiking to a waterfall with a side of water, or ice skating with a large hot chocolate! Where ever you ROAM be sure to fuel up for what the adventure may hold!

ROAM freely.

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