Nutrition + Travel + Clothes

Intro-  a dietitian trying to turn her dreams into plans.

Nutrition is a topic that has always danced around my mind. The topic is so complex, yet so simple: People need to eat. Eating is essential for life- it is something the body needs to function; therefore, should be a daily habit everyone can ENJOY.

Today, nutrition is such a popular topic that everyone needs to eat “clean”. Of course, I love when individuals promote fresh food intake, also known as, eating more fruits and vegetables! As a dietitian, I’d love it for people to have the opportunity to simply EAT! Something is better than nothing!

Travel is for the curious. I am just a small town girl from Texas that has fallen in love with the idea of traveling. There is truth to Susan Sontag’s statement “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.”

I had the opportunity to travel to Brasil this year, and it changed my life. Not only did I have the chance to meet some amazing people, but I was also introduced to a simplistic way of living. This trip comes a year after two of my friends, Morgan Sinclair and Kat Racine, went to Brasil for a nutrition class. In an overview of the trip, Morgan made the comment to visit as many food banks in different countries as she could. The light bulb went off, and I thought what if I helped places in a community near me?! What if I could help donate to places around the world?! How? The day-dreaming began.

Clothes are for personality. By no means do I know the first thing about fashion, but I do know I love to shop! I love being able to express myself through clothes. I always look at my closet, and think “man, I don’t have anything to wear”, as every other woman around the world does. Some how I always manage to put something together, mostly a dry-fit and shorts. However, I like exploring outside of my comfort zone of dry-fits and running shoes to more casual fun loving outfits.

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